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Alece Takaoka Film Festival <Filme Colorido>

I'm Stephanie, the festivals MC!

The festival was a full day of screenings of all four films, as well as the director's greetings and a symposium, but we had a great turnout, which I can only describe as a huge success!

I was given the great role of MC, along with Patricia, the other MC. I was so nervous that my hands were shaking at the beginning, but we could make it to the end.

As I said at the closing of the festival, there are many children, both Japanese and those with foreign connections, who do not have the courage to be themselves or do not know how to express themselves.

This time, we made a film and had many people watch it, and I believe that the high school students who participated in this project gained a lot of things and gained confidence in themselves. and it gave me energy and courage, too!

I hope that the passion for this film festival will reach not only the children who participated in it but also many others.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ms. Higuchi and Mr. Ueda, who worked as coordinators from the filmmaking workshop to the film festival, and to every one of KUZOKU and StudioI Ishi, to the high school students and their families, to the people of Yamamacho-suji Street, Kojo park and Daibutuji where the film was shot, to Director Marcos for coming all the way to Toyama for the film festival, and to all the staff and supporters who helped make this event a success and to all those who came to the festival.

Thank you!

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