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The activities of Alece Takaoka

are supported by the

support of our members.

Anyone who supports the activities of Alece Takaoka can become a member.
There are two types of members: regular members, who have voting rights at general meetings, and supporting members, who do not have voting rights.

-Regular member-

Regular members have the right to vote at the general meeting.
(One vote per person or organization)
・Individuals: Annual membership fee 3,000 yen
・Groups: Annual membership fee 5,000 yen
・Students: Annual membership fee 500 yen
(Students: 18 years of age or older, but not below high school age, present student ID card)

-Supporting members-

Supporting members do not have voting rights at general meetings.
・Individual Annual membership fee 3,000 yen per unit
・Group annual membership fee 5,000 yen per unit

​Please register using the member registration form below.

Membership Fee Receiving Account

We currently accept only bank transfers for payment of membership fees after registration.
Please make your payment to the following bank account.

<Transfer address>

Post office (Japan Post Bank) account


Transfer from Japan Post Bank

Symbol: 13290 Number: 19325071

Subscriber name: NPO Alece Takaoka

Transfer from another bank

Bank name: Japan Post Bank

Ordinary deposit

Store name: Sannihachi(328) Store number: 328

Account number: 1932507

Account name: NPO Alece Takaoka

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