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​Filme colorido

In 2022, Alece Takaoka will hold a film festival to promote art and expression activities by youth.
This film festival will consist of two main programs: "filmmaking workshops" and "film screenings.

For the film festival
We held a movie screening to get in touch with the movie!

"Film Festival"

A film festival will be held where short films made by the youth in the workshops will be screened along with professional film productions for a large audience.


ー​Films to be screenedー


10: 00 ~

Welcome Back, Farewell 

A self-documentary that follows the emotional process of rebuilding a family, that is part of a culture of family separation known as the dekassegui phenomenon.

Director: Marcos Yoshi Cast: Roberto Cinch Yoshisaki, Yoshisaki Yayoko, Marcos Yoshi Original title: Welcome Back, Farewell 


13: 15 ~



A short film produced by high school students of foreign/Japanese roots in Toyama Prefecture with the cooperation of the filmmaking group "KUZOKU".

Starring: Aya Saeki, Haruki Kitayama, Akari Oda, Momoka Tsugawa, Rinko Nakajin, Anaberi Yamada, Mohamed Third, Akura Yume Anam Fatima, Rin Kogawa, Kokukakei, Yasuhiro Okada

Production: Air Tribe ・ Alesse Takaoka
2022/10 minutes / Japan


15: 05 ~


A KUZOKU film following

"Saudade" and "Bangkok Nights"!
Buddhism and the post 3.11 Japan

Cast: Chiken Kawaguchi, Masahiro Kondo, Takayuki Kurashima / Shundo Aoyama Director: Katsuya Tomita / Screenplay: Toranosuke Aizawa, Katsuya Tomita Production: National Soto Sect Youth Association Promotion: Hideyo Iwai / Distribution: Air Tribe
2019/62 minutes / DCP / Vista / 5.l ch


16: 20 ~

The boy and the World

The journey to find his father eventually leads him to his homeland, Brazil, and the question of what it means to live.
All hand-drawn animation with no dialogue.

Director: Are Apreu Music: Nana Vasconcelos Hopower,
Original title: 0 Menino eo Mundo / The Boy and the World 
2013 / Prasil / 80 minutes Distribution: New Deer

Films to be screened
Movie Ticket

​-Movie Ticket-

​▼ Single ticket

​▼ 1-day ticket

Advance ticket

(Limited to 100 copies)

Adults 1,500 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 800 yen

General 3,000 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 1,500 yen

On-the-day ticket

Adults 1,800 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 900 yen

General 4,000 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 2,000 yen

* Free for preschoolers

* Students: Please show your student ID at the reception / U20: 20 years old or younger / Senior: 60 years old or older


Crowdfunding for the film festival is over!

​Film festival flyer

​-Film festival flyer-