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​Filme colorido

In 2022, Alece Takaoka will hold a film festival to promote art and expression activities by youth.
This film festival will consist of two main programs: "filmmaking workshops" and "film screenings.

For the film festival
We held a movie screening to get in touch with the movie!

"Film Festival"

A film festival will be held where short films made by the youth in the workshops will be screened along with professional film productions for a large audience.


ー​Films to be screenedー


10: 00 ~

Welcome Back, Farewell 

A self-documentary that follows the emotional process of rebuilding a family, that is part of a culture of family separation known as the dekassegui phenomenon.

Director: Marcos Yoshi Cast: Roberto Cinch Yoshisaki, Yoshisaki Yayoko, Marcos Yoshi Original title: Welcome Back, Farewell 


13: 15 ~



A short film produced by high school students of foreign/Japanese roots in Toyama Prefecture with the cooperation of the filmmaking group "KUZOKU".

Starring: Aya Saeki, Haruki Kitayama, Akari Oda, Momoka Tsugawa, Rinko Nakajin, Anaberi Yamada, Mohamed Third, Akura Yume Anam Fatima, Rin Kogawa, Kokukakei, Yasuhiro Okada

Production: Air Tribe ・ Alesse Takaoka
2022/10 minutes / Japan


15: 05 ~


A KUZOKU film following

"Saudade" and "Bangkok Nights"!
Buddhism and the post 3.11 Japan

Cast: Chiken Kawaguchi, Masahiro Kondo, Takayuki Kurashima / Shundo Aoyama Director: Katsuya Tomita / Screenplay: Toranosuke Aizawa, Katsuya Tomita Production: National Soto Sect Youth Association Promotion: Hideyo Iwai / Distribution: Air Tribe
2019/62 minutes / DCP / Vista / 5.l ch


16: 20 ~

The boy and the World

The journey to find his father eventually leads him to his homeland, Brazil, and the question of what it means to live.
All hand-drawn animation with no dialogue.

Director: Are Apreu Music: Nana Vasconcelos Hopower,
Original title: 0 Menino eo Mundo / The Boy and the World 
2013 / Prasil / 80 minutes Distribution: New Deer

Films to be screened
Movie Ticket

​-Movie Ticket-

​▼ Single ticket

​▼ 1-day ticket

Advance ticket

(Limited to 100 copies)

Adults 1,500 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 800 yen

General 3,000 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 1,500 yen

On-the-day ticket

Adults 1,800 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 900 yen

General 4,000 yen

Student / U20 / Senior 2,000 yen

* Free for preschoolers

* Students: Please show your student ID at the reception / U20: 20 years old or younger / Senior: 60 years old or older


Crowdfunding for the film festival is over!

​Film festival flyer

​-Film festival flyer-

​Sponsored by: Toyama Prefecture, Takaoka City, Takaoka City Board of Education, Consulate General of Brazil in Nagoya


Many CLD youth have the ability to perceive things in a relative way through their experience of <migration> between languages and cultures and have a variety of problem consciousness, opinions, and thoughts.

However, within the framework of Japanese society and school education, their abilities are measured only by the language scale of "Japanese," and their inner awareness of issues, opinions, and thoughts are not always fairly evaluated.

The accumulation of such experiences has made them hesitant to express themselves.

Alesse Takaoka believes that art is an equal and effective means of expression that does not put CLD youth at a disadvantage due to differences in the mother tongue, culture, etc.
We have turned our attention to "movies" as one of these art forms.

Films with images and stories appeal directly to each and every one of us, transcending differences.
We also believe that film is a medium in which CLD youth, who speak several languages other than Japanese, can take advantage of their strengths.


Through the expressive activities of the film festival, we hope that all youth will grow and develop their potential through equal discussion and cooperation. and cooperate with each other on an equal footing, and to develop their wonderful potential and the future of the region and the world.


March 26-28, 2022
"Multicultural Filmmaking Workshop"

Teaming up with a professional film production team, youth from diverse backgrounds such as nationality, mother tongue, culture, and religion will produce a short film together.

​Movie production workshop information
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