Presentation team introduction

1. Nanto Fukuno High School Agricultural Club

A project that begins with composting

~ I want to protect the traditional scenery of Tonami ~

Applicable goals

In the Tonami area, there is a mansion forest that is a traditional rural landscape. However, an increasing number of farmers are giving up their mansion forests because it is difficult to process fallen leaves and pruned branches by themselves, and because consignment processing costs money.

Therefore, we at Fukuno High School Agricultural Club compost the fallen leaves and pruned branches from the trees of the school, and by proposing and disseminating them to the local people, we can work on sustainable agriculture while preserving the scenery of the Tonami Plain. I thought about it and started this project.

2. Team crescent

Hara Peco Trash Box

Applicable goals

About Hara Peco Trash Box.

1. Install a new trash can with the shape and color of characters and animals.

2. Make a mechanism to get hungry when you put garbage in this trash can so that the person who put it can enjoy the sound.

3. It is thought that the number of people who litter the trash will decrease by putting the trash in the trash can and having them enjoy themselves.

Based on the above, we believe that 11 and 14 of the 17 goals of the SDGs can be improved.

3. Team T4

Let's reduce marine debris!

Applicable goals

We learned about the SDGs in school classes. We investigated how to protect the richness of the sea among the 17 goals. The reason was that I had a favorite creature in the sea and I didn't want that creature to die. Besides, I don't like the fact that I can't eat fish, so I decided to investigate more.

I read newspapers and saw panel exhibitions at the library. I learned how to set up an abalone and collect garbage. A lot of garbage was collected. I also learned that about 80% of the garbage in Toyama Bay comes from land. Therefore, I think that if you reduce the amount of garbage on land, you can reduce the amount of garbage that flows into the sea. There was a lot of garbage in the city. In order to reduce trash, I thought it was important to pick up trash and recycle what can be recycled. Let's think about what we can do to protect the sea.

4. South Children

Our future as seen from food

Applicable goals

We found a problem in our familiar food. Then, we have summarized in an easy-to-understand manner the impact on our future and the solutions to it that have emerged from that issue.

5. Takaoka Koryo High School International Department

What can we do for a better area?

Applicable goals

There are many people in our community who have come to Japan from various countries. I would like to think about how we can get along with such people and become a better place to live in, what we have done through club activities, and what we should do in the future.

6. Team TONAMI

Fortune cookie in love with the earth

Applicable goals

We propose "Fortune Cookies in Love with the Earth" to promote the improvement of SDGS.

This measure is intended to put questions about the SDGS from a child's perspective in a fortune cookie and to encourage school and family to think about it. Both children who create the future and adults who are creating the future can teach adults by thinking about things according to their thoughts. I hope that I can discover "the possibilities of my new possibilities" and that adults can discover "the possibilities of something that I have never seen before" from the perspective of children.

7. SDGs Kobu kid corps

Donate toys to energize your child

Applicable goals

We will announce activities to donate toys that are no longer needed or toys that we want to throw away to a nearby evacuation center.

It is an activity that can be started by both elementary school students and small groups.

8. Team LHM

Measures against global warming and us

Applicable goals

The earth we live in is warming. To stop it, adults are thinking about various measures and trying to tell everyone. At our school, "Toyama Environmental Challenge 10" has been held since the 4th grade. The content is very familiar and is likely to be made by small children. So, here is a suggestion from us. When challenging the contents of "Challenge 10" from kindergarten and telling "Challenge 10" to many friends, we want to use the power of elementary and junior high school students to make it easier for younger children to understand and imitate. It is to make the contents. Believe in the power of children and make the most of it, and make "Challenge 10" into "Challenge Everyone".

9. Salt and pepper

Is Gender Relative? Is it absolute?

Applicable goals

LGBT is said to be increasing not only in Japan but all over the world. Perhaps that is because the understanding of LGBT has increased. However, it cannot be said that Japan is fully understood.

How can we spread our understanding of LGBT and eliminate prejudice? To that end, we came to the conclusion that it would be important to change the field of education. Therefore, I investigated how much understanding of LGBT was spread to school teachers, and wondered what changes in the educational field that could be seen from it would save students with sexual minorities. In addition, sexual minorities (mainly transgender) tend to feel uncomfortable in school life, and we propose the existence of uniforms that are gradually being taken measures such as introducing girls' slacks in Japan because we are students. I thought about what I could do.



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