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​Presential Learning support 

Our classrooms will help children who grow up in a bilingual environment to develop the study language skills necessary to learn academic subjects, provide guidance in subjects in which each student has difficulty through an individualized curriculum, and back up the children's high school entrance.
We hope that all children will make full use of this classroom and seize the opportunities available to them so that they can realize their full potential and fulfill their dreams in any country they choose.

Youth between the ages of 13〜18 living in Japan

Subject to study
Japanese, math, science, society, English

Date and time
Twice a week (excluding Obon and New Year)
Tuesday: 17: 00-19: 00
Saturday: 9: 30-11: 30, 13: 00-15: 00


35 Nissen Building 1F , Moriyamamachi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture

Tuition fee
3,000 yen collected each month (must be brought to the first class day of the month).
Same amount no matter how many times you come. No reduction for missed classes.

How to apply
Fill out the application form →

Each family is responsible for determining its own transportation to and from the classroom.
If you are going to be absent, be sure to notify Alece in advance.

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