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Workshop details

* The zoom link for the afternoon workshop will differ depending on the subcommittee. There will be information on the day, but for those who participate in the subcommittee,

We will send it by email in advance.

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Subcommittee 1

We are also involved in the conflict! ??

Lecturer: Yuka Fujii

Do you guys say that smartphones and African countries are connected? Let's think about the war in African countries from a smartphone in the middle!

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Subcommittee 2

Gender hidden in the bookshelf

Lecturer: Ryuka Hiroe

What kind of "gender" do you often hear?

While looking closely at Zashi and Disney Eiga,

About "gender" around us

Let's think about it happily!


Subcommittee 3

Save Takaoka!

Lecturer: Ryosuke Kano

In this subcommittee, we will think about "town development where people can continue to live" by imagining the future image of the town where everyone wants to live, based on the historical district where the Aresse venue is located, Yamamachisuji.

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