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Multilingual Information

In order for children with foreign roots to adapt smoothly to Japanese society and school life and receive education with dreams from an early age, we have created a guidebook in many languages that provides parents with information on Japanese education system and school life.

1. Admission support guidebook

1. Admission support guidebook

"Childcare Guidebook for Foreign Residents in Toyama Prefecture: From Pregnancy and Childbirth to Preschool Enrollment"

  1. Welcome! Babies (Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting)

  2. Let's go to preschool/kindergarten! (about rules for attending preschool and what you need

  3. Contact information (prefectural and municipal governments, regional child-rearing support centers, family support centers, etc.)

  4. Multilingual Documents (Forms) (Health Examination Questionnaire, Child Form, Medication Request Form, etc.)





2. Elementary school enrollment support guidebook

2. Elementary school enrollment support guidebook

"Fun! Toyama Elementary School"
table of contents

  1. Elementary school is fun!

  2. The road to elementary school entrance

  3. What kind of place is an elementary school?

  4. Elementary school day

  5. What kind of study do you do?

  6. Besides studying

  7. First grade of elementary school

  8. contact

  9. Clothes

  10. What do you bring

  11. I have to know! Various Japanese schools

  12. Q & A

  13. Parenting advice

  14. Only this before enrollment!

  15. Words often used at school

3. junior high school enrollment support guidebook

3. Junior high school enrollment support guidebook

"Steps to a Bright Future - Welcome to Toyama Junior High School"

Table of Contents

  1. To all soon-to-be junior high school students
    The differences from elementary school, how to have a fulfilling junior high school experience, and annual events.

  2. To students and parents
    About home study

  3. For Parents and Guardians
    Preparation for entering junior high school, monthly payment, educational policy of Japanese schools, how grades are evaluated, counseling services and school guidance meetings, etc.

4. Junior high school enrollment support guidebook (for Muslims)

4. Junior high school enrollment support guidebook (for Muslims)

"Junior High School Admission / Transfer Guide for Muslims Living in Toyama"
table of contents

  1. Introduction (for Muslims)

  2. Japanese junior high school life
    (About school events, club activities, clothes, school lunch, etc.)

  3. A day for junior high school students (comparison between Japan and Egypt)

  4. From the questionnaire (Comments from Muslims living in Toyama)

  5. When you get stuck ... (About consultation destinations and consultation methods)

5. High school admission support guidebook

5. High school admission support guidebook

"High school entrance information session for foreigners 2023 version"
High school is about the type of high school, entrance examination schedule, club activities, tuition and scholarships, etc.

"List of high schools in Toyama Prefecture"
List of high schools in the prefecture (about basic school information, departments, career status)

6. Career Support Guidebook

6. Career Support Guidebook

"Kirihirake! Our future"
table of contents

  1. What are you going to do now?

  2. What kind of work do you have?

  3. The road to the dream and the ticket

  4. Let's go on to school!

  5. Let's get a job!

  6. To live independently in Japan

  7. Let's make a life plan!

  8. I want to talk to you

  9. Experiences and advice from seniors

"Kirihirake! Our Future
" Used in P2,3,24 of the main story.

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