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*This page is open only to applicants for the citizenship education course hosted by Alesse Takaoka on August 26th.

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ALECE Webinar video (Português)

conferencista do seminário

Kyoko Nakagawa


In Niigata Prefecture, where foreigners are scattered like Toyama Prefecture, we learned about the efforts of Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, which has established a system to support children with foreign roots in cooperation with the city board of education, schools, universities, and international exchange associations. Various stakeholders will discuss together what kind of system should be built in the prefecture and municipalities within the prefecture such as Takaoka City, and lay the foundation for a support system for children with foreign roots.


Mr. Hiroshi Nakano (Principal of Joetsu Municipal Yachiura Junior High School, Former Supervisor of Joetsu City Board of Education)

Mizuho Hara (Associate Professor, Joetsu University of Education)

Ms. Mutsuko Sato (JOIN Joetsu International Association)

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