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Workshop to read and understand the short film "Takaoka Incident"
Workshop to read and understand the short film "Takaoka Incident"

Sun, Mar 19


Toyama City

Workshop to read and understand the short film "Takaoka Incident"

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Mar 19, 2023, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Toyama City, Japan, 4F Sokuruwa Wiz Building, 3-3-16 Sokuruwa, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture


The short film "Takaoka Incident" produced by the video production group "Kuzoku" & "Studio Ishi" and various high school students from Toyama.

What happened to high school students in the process of just three days of filmmaking workshops?

What are your thoughts on acting and editing?

After watching the movie, high school students and film production professionals who have been involved in film production, and those who see the "Takaoka Incident" for the first time,

We will hold a workshop where you can read the "Takaoka incident" in depth and behind the scenes while talking together!

Date: Sunday, March 19, 14:30-16:30

Location: Hotoriza 4F Wiz Building, 3-3-16 Sokuruwa, Toyama City, 930-0083

Workshop participation fee free 

* Movie viewing fee is charged: 500 yen uniformly

Please purchase tickets for the "Takaoka Incident" at the ticket sales window of Hotoriza on the day of the event.

The guests:

  • Katsuya Tomita (film director) 

Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1972. In 2003, his maiden work, "Kumo no Ue" won a scholarship at the 2004 Eiga Bi-gakko Film Festival. In 2007, he released "National Route 20" based on this. "Saudade" (2011) won the Nantes Three Continents Film Festival Grand Prix and the Locarno International Film Festival Federation of Independent Critics Special Award. In Japan, he won the Best Film Award at the Takasaki Film Festival and the Mainichi Film Concours Best Film Award & Director Award.

  • Seinosuke Aizawa (Film Director/Screenwriter) 

Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1974. Joined Kuzoku after attending the Waseda University Cinema Study Group. Co-wrote the scripts for Katsuya Tomita's films such as "National Highway 20", "Saudade", "The Daughter of Chiang Rai", "Bangkok Nights" and "Noriza". Directed works such as "Babylon 2 THE OZAWA". Won the Kinema Junpo Best Ten Japanese Film Screenplay Award for "The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine," which he co-wrote with director Takahisa Zeze.

  • Iwao Yamazaki (Sound) 

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1962. Interested in sound recordings while working in plastic arts, joined Kuzoku from "Saudade" (2011). After that, he was in charge of recording and sound for Kuzoku works. With the cooperation of electronic equipment engineers and his own modeling skills, he owns many self-made equipment.

  • YOUNG G (DJ, Music Producer, Sound Engineer) 

DJ, music producer, sound engineer. Since around 2011, he has been independently researching Asian music and hip-hop, and has collaborated with numerous Asian artists such as Tondo Tribe from the Philippines, JUU from Thailand, and Klapyahandz from Cambodia.

  • Studio Ishi (video production) 

A video production team consisting of Masahiro Mukaiyama and Takumaro Furuya based in the Ishi district of Yamanashi Prefecture. Focuses on music videos and self-produced video works. Strongly influenced by movies and anime, he does everything from writing, directing, filming, and editing. His works have attracted attention in various fields, mainly on the Internet, and his works have been described as “cinematic”. Participated in the filming and editing of Kuzoku movies "Bangkok Knights" and "Tenzo".

  • Taro Asakura (filmmaker)

While pursuing video expression through independent production, he has produced many music videos with his own worldview. 2013 YCAM 10th Anniversary "Video Competition for Fictitious Movie Music" Award for Excellence. MVs include MC LAS "open the door" and Kyohei Sakaguchi's "Matsubayashi".


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