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Evacuation drill & disaster prevention workshop
Evacuation drill & disaster prevention workshop

Sat, Jan 28


1970 Nissen Building

Evacuation drill & disaster prevention workshop

Let's know! Rescue Methods with Equipment - Using Familiar Objects


Jan 28, 2023, 10:30 AM – 11:45 AM GMT+9

1970 Nissen Building, 35, Moriyama-machi Takaoka Toyama 933-0928 Japan


Goals: To raise awareness of disaster prevention by learning the importance of self-help "actions to protect one's own life" and mutual aid "cooperation among people in the community and various communities" and learn how to rescue people using familiar items.



An evacuation drill will be conducted to deepen the relationship among the residents in the community space (Nissen Building) and prepare for disasters.

Through a simulated experience, participants will rescue and transport people who are trapped under a collapsed building by using familiar items, equipment (jackets), blankets, etc., and perform a mutual aid operation.


Location: ALECE TAKAOKA (Nissen Building 1st floor)

Target: People who use the Nissen Building and local residents

Capacity: About 35 people

Participation fee: Free

Things to bring: Handkerchief, mask

Application/Inquiries: ALECE TAKAOKA, Nishijima Co.


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