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Foreign Roots Youth Future Creation project

Citizenship Education Program for CLD Youth

About CLD Youth
CLD=Culturally Linguistically Diverse
Culturally and linguistically. Children with diverse backgrounds

Project overview

While Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture is losing its sustainability due to the declining birthrate, aging population, and an exodus of young people to urban areas, the serious problems faced by CLD youth, such as poor learning, truancy, and low school attendance rates, are often overlooked because the area is scattered with foreign residents. CLD youth who grew up in the community are often placed on the periphery of the community, as their contact with the community is limited to informal jobs and consumption.

This project aims to create a foundation for CLD youth to broaden their perspectives, enhance their self-esteem, and proactively participate in society by proactively addressing local issues by strengthening learning and career support, while expanding their contact with the local community through workshops and film festivals, etc., mainly for CLD youth.

Output 1
Citizenship education course

Learn what is necessary for citizenship formation in a workshop format

  • About 10 times a year. Workshop format

  • Consider the accessibility of the language and do it in various languages

  • Study tours by bus 1-2 times a year


Workshop (planned)

  • Workshop for critical thinking

  • Tokyo study tour

  • Climate / Disaster Prevention Workshop

  • Briefing session for higher education

  • Year-end party, Christmas party

  • Get to know the SDGs! Workshop etc.

Output 2
CLD Youth SDGs Forum

[Objective] A mechanism for young people to feel that "they themselves will proactively create the world of the future" and to participate in it. Forum to think together about the world, especially for CLD children who tend to feel like non-constituents of society.


To be held in Takaoka City once every two years (2 days) in 2021,2023

  • Presentations, workshops, and discussions

  • Each team consists of 2-5 members (under 17 years old)

  • No limitation on the language of the presentation. However, consideration should be given to understandability (accessibility) for diverse audiences.

  • Include native Japanese-speaking children in the team composition.

  • Proposal-based presentations on one of the SDG themes

Output 3
CLD Youth Film Festival
  • Communicate their awareness of issues, feelings, and thoughts through video works
  • Japanese and CLD youth will work as a team to produce a film set in the local community and hold a viewing party.
  • Conduct a workshop for filmmakers to learn how to make a film.
  • Organize a film festival
  • Spread understanding of multiculturalism in the community through workshops combining film viewing and discussion
Looking for members of the Alece Youth Club!

We are looking for young people who will work together on various citizenship education projects such as workshops.

Creating people happily together through citizenship education activities

Would you like to create a community and a town?

If you wish, please contact Arese!

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