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Mr. Hirai (from Toyama City), a video artist who thinks about "hometown" in movies and talks, gives a lecture

2021.1.05 North Japan Newspaper

Alece Takaoka is a study session for video production

2021.1.12 Takaoka Cable Network

What is "hometown" for you?

2021.1.18 KNB News every.

Brazilian resident in Japan isolated by corona bruise = Mr. Nakagawa conducts psychological support survey = support group AleceTakaoka

2021.2.5 Nikkey Shimbun

Calling on SDGs videos Alece Takaoka Forum Produced and screened by students

2021.3.21 Kitanippon Shimbun

Students with bouncy foreign roots Takaoka's learning support group Celebrate admission and transfer

2021.4.4 Kitanippon Shimbun

Children with foreign roots learn about disaster prevention in Takaoka 

2021.6.26 Kitanippon Shimbun


School rules Funny exchange of opinions Youth with foreign roots

2020.5.20 Chunichi Shimbun

Supporting children with foreign roots Learning guidance online

2020.5.15 Toyama Shimbun

Students with foreign roots online learning

2020.5.13 KNB News every.

Online learning Supporting children with foreign roots

2020.5.26 Asahi Shimbun

Online learning support for foreign high school students living in Japan

2020.5.26 Asahi Shimbun

Lecture for foreign children Alece Takaoka, self-esteem

2020.5.23 NHK NEWS

Helping children with foreign roots learn while the school is closed

2020.5.21 Tulip TV


Support for foreigners going to high school

2010.7.22 Kita Nihon Shimbun

A dream meeting for Brazilian high school students

2010.8.13 Kita Nihon Shimbun

Experience rice cracker

Alece Takaoka

2011.8.30 Kita Nihon Shimbun


Training camp for foreign junior high school students

2013.8.30 Kita Nihon Shimbun

Preparation of guidebooks for schooling and employment in five languages

2017.3.25 Kita Nihon Shimbun

Enhancing children's learning support with Japanese explanations and study sessions

2019.1.19 Kita Nihon Shimbun

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